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Having been a rabid horror fan for as long as I can remember and seen almost every horror movie that has been released, I thought I would infect you with my thoughts on some serious horror and introduce you to some you haven’t seen.

This website is dedicated to horror movie reviews, events, shows, exhibits and pretty much everything else that’s horror.

My reviews are quick and straight to the point. They are genuine reviews and not paid reviews. I write them because I want to share them with you, whether they’re good or bad. Hopefully you will thank me for saving you time by not watching the bad ones. You might agree and disagree with me at times but I hope you agree with me more often :)

Here’s what I won’t be writing about:

• Direction
• Cinematography
• Writing/Editing
• Costume design/Set design
• Score or soundtrack
• Etc.

Feel free to send me any movie recommendations and challenge me to see something I haven’t. Chances are I have ;)

Enjoy my site and I look forward to hearing your comments and/or suggestions.


Ania aka GoreHore


Favourite Genres: Hillbilly/Redneck, Gore, Paranormal, Gothic

Least Favourite Genres: Comedy Horror

Favourite Movies: Martyrs, In My Skin, Frontier(s), and last but not least Inside

My Guilty Pleasure: House of 1000 CorpsesThe Devil’s Rejects, Trailer Park of Terror, and Inbred



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