Alpha Order Movies

ABCs of Death 2 (The) – comedy horror

Aftermath/Genesis – disturbing, gore, extreme, psychological, necrophilia

Altar (The) – paranormal, ghost, haunted house

Anguish – psychological, gore, madness/paranoia

Annabelle – ghosts, paranormal, possession

August Underground’s Mordum – gore, torture, serial killer, disturbing, extreme, psychological

Bad Milo – comedy horror, gore, body horror, monster

Bathory – crime, gothic horror, torture, serial killer

Camp Hell – cult, psychological

Castle Freak – monster, haunted house, gore, gothic horror

Citizen X – crime, disturbing, serial killer, torture

Devil’s Rejects (The) – disturbing, gore, hillbilly-redneck, serial killer, torture

Don’t Breathe – disturbing, crime, home invasion

Dream Home – gore, disturbing, psychological, extreme

Ebola Syndrome – cannibal, disturbing, extreme, gore, psychological, torture

Ed Gein – cannibal, crime, disturbing, gore, necrophilia, psychological, serial killer

Feed – body horror, serial killer, disturbing, torture

Frontier(s) – hillbilly/redneck, torture, gore, cannibal, serial killer, disturbing, cult, extreme

Gacy – crime, disturbing, serial killer, torture

Gallows (The) – paranormal, ghosts/spirits, haunted house

Girl Next Door (The) – crime, psychological, torture, disturbing, extreme

Grace – paranormal, possession

Green Inferno (The) – cannibal, disturbing, gore

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer – disturbing, gore, torture, crime, extreme, psychological, serial killer

Hills Have Eyes (The) 2006 – cannibal, disturbing, extreme, gore, hillbilly-redneck, torture

Horrible Way to Die – disturbing, gore, serial killer

Human Centipede 2 – gore, disturbing, extreme, torture, psychological, body horror

Ichi the Killer – disturbing, extreme, gore, psychological, torture

Inbred – hillbilly/redneck, torture, gore, disturbing

In My Skin – body horror, disturbing, extreme, gore, psychological

Inside – gore, torture, extreme, disturbing, home invasion, psychological

Insidious 1 & 2 – ghosts, haunted house, paranormal, possession

Insidious 3 – ghosts/spirits, paranormal, haunted house, possession

Lights Out – ghosts, haunted house

Martyrs – gore, torture, disturbing, psychological, extreme

Midnight Meat Train (The) – serial killer, disturbing, extreme, gore

Monster – crime, disturbing, psychological, serial killer

Mum & Dad – cannibal, disturbing, extreme, gore, psychological, torture

Omnivores – cannibal, disturbing, gore, psychological, torture

Ouija – paranormal, ghosts, haunted house, possession

People Under the Stairs (The) – torture, disturbing, cannibal, gothic horror

Philosophy of a Knife – disturbing, extreme, gore, psychological, torture

Poltergeist (2015) – paranormal, haunted house, ghosts

Septic Man – body horror, cannibal, gore

Serbian Film (A) – extreme, gore, disturbing, torture, necrophilia, psychological

Sick Girl – gore, torture, serial killer, disturbing, psychological

Skins – body horror, disturbing, psychological

Sleep Tight – psychological, disturbing, home invasion

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The) 2003 – cannibal, disturbing, extreme, gore, hillbilly-redneck, psychological, serial killer, torture

Trailer Park of Terror – hillbilly/redneck, gore, comedy horror

Witch (The) – cult, possession, psychological

Wolf Creek 2 – disturbing, gore, hillbilly-redneck, serial killer, torture

Wrong Turn – disturbing, gore, hillbilly-redneck, torture

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