25th Oct
Keg Mansion Seance

Keg Mansion Seance

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I would resurrect an old post of mine I did few years ago. It was so much fun and I got to capture a picture of a ghost! (At least it looks like one) We had the opportunity awhile back to attend a seance at the Keg Mansion. […]

22nd Oct

Fear Farm review

Fear Farm (2016) Fear Farm is a Kitchener-Waterloo haunted attraction. I had no idea what to expect going into this but I was pleasantly surprised. Fear Farm is really well done and pretty scary. At some of their attractions I felt like I was in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Jeepers Creepers. Fear Farm consists of […]

10th Sep

Fan Expo 2015

Fan Expo 2015 Fan Expo 2015 was so much fun. Met a lot of friends, saw a lot of celebrities, artists, cool vendors. Unfortunately, I could only do Friday, so here are some highlights from that day. fanexpocanada.com

16th Jul
charlotte captive

Charlotte – Captive Escape Rooms

Charlotte This past weekend we were able to do Charlotte’s Room at Captive Escape Rooms located at 43 Elm St. Suite 200, Toronto. This room requires at least two people but we were lucky enough to bring two more newbies! As always with a captive room you can’t give out to much information without spoiling it. If you read my […]

22nd Jun
Dracula's Library

Dracula’s Library – Captive Escape Rooms

Last Friday we went to see Captive, which is another escape room, located at 43 Elm St. Suite 200, Toronto. The establishment only opened last February and it’s a pretty nice one! It’s also located right downtown Toronto among very nice pubs and restaurants, so either before or after Captive you can go for a dinner or drinks. […]

10th Jun

Trapped! Review

Trapped! Real Life Escape Games This past weekend a bunch of us went to go check out Trapped! It’s a place where they hold real life escape games and it’s located at 118 Dundas Street West, Toronto (don’t confuse it with the one in Markham). If you have a hard time finding the place – look for the yellow […]