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On July 16, 2015 by gorehore


charlotte captive

This past weekend we were able to do Charlotte’s Room at Captive Escape Rooms located at 43 Elm St. Suite 200, Toronto. This room requires at least two people but we were lucky enough to bring two more newbies!

As always with a captive room you can’t give out to much information without spoiling it. If you read my review on Dracula’s Library and you like it then you must try Charlotte’s Room!

You go up the stairs into this attic while creepy music is playing in the background – what a way to start! From that moment you feel fully immersed in the rooms and the storyline. There is a lot to do. You have to search and solve puzzles. Your mission is to escape but on top of that you have to solve the murder mystery as well. A lot of organization and teamwork is required but at no point do you lose focus of the story, which is incredible.

The attic rooms are well appointed and very authentic. A lot of care has been taken to keep you in the moment. You never hear any distracting background noises and if you go at night, it will be even more scary and dark. But don’t worry – each person gets a flash light.

We did have to use our two hints but I am proud to say we finally did it! We escaped and figured out the murder mystery!!!

FYI:  Captive is currently working on The Surgeon room, so stay tuned! It will be amazing!


Participants: 2 – 6

Rating: 5 Hammer Smashed Faces out of 5


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