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Last Friday we went to see Captive, which is another escape room, located at 43 Elm St. Suite 200, Toronto. The establishment only opened last February and it’s a pretty nice one! It’s also located right downtown Toronto among very nice pubs and restaurants, so either before or after Captive you can go for a dinner or drinks. I would suggest after, since the puzzles are really hard and you will need to put on your thinking cap!!!

Ania at Captive

There seems to be a common thread with escape rooms all having foreboding entrances which is pretty cool. As we entered we met Marina who welcomed us with a big smile. Right after we met Shaun, who was very excited and passionate about escape rooms and puzzles. Their main lobby was very nice and spacious, which is a good thing too considering the amount of corporate events they hold throughout the week.

Dracula's Library

Dracula’s Library

The theme we chose was Dracula’s Library. I won’t reveal how many rooms there are for this theme but they are all beautifully decorated and really look like New Orleans in 1862.

What we liked best about this game was the linear style. You couldn’t get to one puzzle without solving the one at hand. Lots of props and everything has a purpose, so pay attention to every detail! Be warned though – the puzzles are difficult to solve. Dracula’s Library has only 13% success rate!

The ambient music played in the background was beautiful and fit the scene perfectly. The only gripe was hearing people in the lobby although not at a high level like we experienced in other places. I think by turning up the music a bit will fix the small noise problem.

Now, did we escape you ask? Nope! Failed once again. One of these days we will escape!

I must say that Captive has really nailed down the Dracula’s Library and I’m really looking forward to trying out the Charlotte room, which I heard from Shaun that they are using an old attic for that theme. Also, keep a look out on the Cabinet of Curiosities and The Surgeon themes, which are coming soon!

Participants: 2 – 6

Rating: 4 1/2 Hammer Smashed Faces out of 5


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